Websites with brain, charm and without templates

The web standard is our standard

Websites we create...


  • are rich in logic, semantic and reasonable 嚜璟filled with brain]
  • offer all users an optimal experience regardless of physical limitations 嚜璟accessibility]
  • are optimally displayed on all modern displays without a loss 嚜璟responsive design]
  • are user friendly, understandable and completely transparent 嚜璟data protection]
  • representing you, your company or your brand in a dignified manner 嚜[trust]

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Function + design + humanity


Custom made without exception

We collect your ideas, wishes and goals, combine them with good graphic design, garnish the whole thing with user-friendliness and serve you with a smile your slim and custom raw.code.website_s in raw.code quality. According to your taste!


Consume soon after opening?

嚜選遛嚜選遛嚜選遛Not with us

Knowing how to write our own code and, above all, clean code, enables us to build websites that have almost no expiry date.

  • Our code is written according to current coding standards and in such a way that it works for a long time without updates
  • We try to avoid dependencies entirely
  • Renew software updates, security leaks, licenses and the like. Yes, we heard about that too! So far we have skilfully avoided such things.


Mi knowledge es su knowldege

In 9 out of 10 cases (in our experience), the company was founded on the same day as the launch of the new website. Questions of commercial and other entrepreneurial nature are therefore addressed to us directly. We know that and we are prepared for it. We advise you comprehensively in "almost" all matters and, if necessary, will also be happy to pass on to our partners when our source of knowledge dries up.

We start from scratch, move forward gradually and look into the day after tomorrow.

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