Web design without design?!

Graphic design is created by us on demand which usually comes with the order of a raw.code.website_s development. A company or brand has in many cases already defined a corporate design. You have not? Then take a quick look at our raw.code.cd_guide

For the use in digital channels, this usually needs to be renovated a bit, spruced up or even completely redesigned. In addition, websites always get that certain something only through the support of graphics and of course you or your company must be able to identify with your visual appearance and always be clearly recognizable.

raw.code graphic design is like a good tailor. You will recognize yourself afterwards. Just nicer.

This includes e.g.

  • Develop logo, determine colors and fonts so that you have a basis for your entire visual appearance. This gives you, your company or brand a visual identity [corporate design]
  • Web design includes the visual, structural and functional implementation of websites. These include buttons and forms, page layouts, the movement of the user on the website, animations and much more [web design]
  • We use graphics to illustrate relationships or to visually support text content [infographics]
  • We also make business cards, flyers and the like ;-) [marketing]

Get to know how we get the things done by visiting our process page

Its all on you now, make the first step by e-mail or phone!